06 Sep

Things To Remember While Choosing The Code For Your Security Alarm System

Nowadays the house security system provides an array of security features like email alerts, smartphone remote control, etc. All these security features will be wasted if your code for the security alarm system can be easily predicted. You can keep a few things in mind to keep your alarm code safe, thereby making your household security system formidable.

Avoid an easily predictable alarm code

You should avoid the simple alarm code such as date of birth of family members or a few digits of your phone number or simple combinations like 1234. A predictable alarm code can be easily gauged by an intruder rendering the security system useless.

Frequently change the security alarm code

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Keeping the alarm codes same in your Montreal home for an extended duration may hamper your security system. Prolonged use of the same keys on the keypad of your Montreal home security system causes them to become worn out. This allows an intruder to guess the code and disarm your home security systems Montreal.

Setup separate codes for different individuals

A home security alarm can be easily configured to use multiple alarm codes thereby allowing you to provide different codes for different people to allow them access to your home. This allows to easily monitoring the individual’s access to the system and you can easily change or delete an alarm code that’s no longer required.

You should take the above mentioned steps, but you need to be careful to remember the master code of the system or keeping it safe. Otherwise, you may have to reset the system to recover the code completely.

If your home is being monitored by a monitoring company such as the Security Monitoring Center (SRC) or Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), then you should set up an emergency duress code to disarm the system when you are under duress and notifying the monitoring company of the emergency.

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