08 Jul

Using BestMixer.io to stay anonymous online

Due to the fact that Bitcoin is not anonymous, all your transactions online can be traced. That’s why it is important to protect your privacy and use coins mixers such as BestMixer.io.

How to use BestMixer.io

It is quite obvious that Bitcoin is not as anonymous as it seems. That is why, to improve your financial integrity, bitcoin mixers are used. Mixers are also known as toggle switches.

The mixer word clearly indicates the mixing. Bitcoin mixers literally mix your coins with coins from other users. This prevents the observer from finding out who is making transactions.


The mixer should be used when sending coins because the payment is initially sent through the mixer, and then to the destination. Sometimes you can also receive coins through mixers. Mixing services are provided by various websites and companies. You can choose any that you want, but it is recommended using the reliable BestMixer service.

Bitcoin shuffle has become a trend since Bitcoin owners have learned that bitcoin is not completely anonymous. So, if you also own Bitcoin, never forget to use mixers to ensure privacy.

BestMixer.io advantages

BestMixer has the following advantages:

  • It provides complete anonymity to your transactions
  • You can indicate up to 19 receiving addresses
  • API for developers absolutely for free
  • Intuitive and easy to understand website
  • The lowest service fee
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